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Magnum O! is a blend of Cyprian Latakia, excellent yellow Virginias from the U.S. and Bulgaria, Izmir, Basma and the Queen of Tobaccos, Yenidje. Then we add some Perique to give it more depth and smoothness. Heres a quote from well-known pipe and tobacco collector Fred Goldring, who tested Magnum O! during development: I immediately searched my mind to recall what vintage tobacco this sample best represented. Every time I put a name to it the blend again changed and the taste shifted to another and yet another blend from the past, all of which I stock in my cellar and all of which I enjoy very much. I decided to smoke the last half of the bowl that I started the evening before. Believe it or not the second half was more magical than the first. I walked in and out of my smoking room a number of times this evening and each time the exquisite aroma of this blend became more apparent. If you make a ton I will purchase half. This, my friend is a world class tobacco born out of the magic of Russ O. The flavor, aroma and burning characteristics have been almost universally praised. Give Magnum O! a try and we feel confident that youll be back for more.

pipe tobacco Flavor Index
Medium to Full
Room Note: Pleasant to Tolerable
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