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A traditional artisanal technique, Tsuchime or "hammered" finishes were commonly used to elevate the presentations of traditional Japanese kiserus and cigarette cases years ago. Tsuchime finishes are created by hammering metal sheets one pattern at a time, producing unique textures depending on the size, depth, or pitch of the hammered pattern.

The Kiribi lighter combines smart, retro styling with modern improvements in engineering. Innovations such as a dual-flame design, which provides the benefit of a wider, more gentle light for your pipe and a single tank construction of extraordinary fuel capacity.

Much as we demand of all things we rely upon every day, that which become dearest to us, entirely hand assembled in Japan, the Kiribi construction is meticulous. You can feel it in your hand; a gravitas created by the nickel, steel, and brass serving in all the essential parts. All, save one: the confident snap of the flame-cap is provided by yet another innovation, a spring made of a special polymer more resistant to fatigue even than steel.

Our choice of accessory items speak volumes to people we encounter every day. They quietly reflect a sense of our tastes, discernment and outlook, and do so in a manner without ostentation or braggadocio. Light a lady’s cigarette upon a chance encounter, with a Kiribi. You will be speaking with confidence… without saying a word.


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